6 Skin Issues a Laser Facial Can Solve

Want your most beautiful skin ever? Then it’s time to introduce yourself to the Laser  Facial. A Laser Facial is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical treatment that uses pulses of light energy to break down pigmentation within your complexion. Over time and with enough Laser Facial. visible pigmentation disappears, resulting in clear and radiant skin. Intrigued? We thought so. Let’s take a closer look at the six skin issues that you can fix with an IPL Photofacial treatment.
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 6 Skin Issues Solved by the Laser Facial. 

 1. Age spots. 

If you’re starting to notice age spots – which can appear as brown or red freckle-like spots, you’re a good candidate for a Laser Facial. This treatment breaks down the pigment, which is then absorbed by the body. With four to six sessions, you should see a significant age spot clearance.

 2. Freckles/brown spots. 

Laser Facials work well on freckles and brown spots, too, so if you’ve ever wanted beautifully clear skin, this treatment may be just what you’re looking for.

 3. Sun damage. 

Skipped sunscreen one too many times? With a package of  Laser Facial sessions, common signs of sun damage – like hyperpigmentation and brown spots – are faded away, leaving behind youthful, less-damaged skin.

 4. Fine lines and wrinkles. 

Laser Facials can also treat visible fine lines and wrinkles, especially signs of facial aging. These treatments work best on patients with mild to moderate lines and wrinkles.

5. Dullness. 

Want to unlock your most radiant skin ever?  Laser Facials are perfect for treating dullness, as just a few sessions can improve cellular turnover, smooth away uneven skin tone, and increase your skin’s natural radiance.

6. Redness. 

Redness can be irritating, as some patients may feel like they need to constantly cover up a ruddy complexion. Whether your redness is a result of broken blood vessels or hyperpigmentation, Laser Facial can reduce redness and even out your skin’s tone and complexion.

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