FAQs: Cryotherapy in West Melbourne, FL

What happens during a cryotherapy session?

For more information, please refer to the treatment options available with the Cryosense cryosauna.

Is cryotherapy uncomfortable?

Your body will feel extremely cold while you are in the cryosauna, but you will quickly warm up following your treatment.

How long will it take to see results from cryotherapy?

Many patients report feeling immediately energized after their cryosauna session. Others have reported improvements in the days following treatment, including diminished arthritic symptoms and better sleep.

How many cryochamber sessions do I need?

Many athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who suffer from chronic aches or pains schedule periodic cryo sessions to enhance their well-being and bring out their best over the long term. We can help you create a schedule that works best for your needs during a personal consultation.

How can I get started with cryotherapy?

Your first step is scheduling an appointment by filling out our online consultation form or by calling 321-339-1001 to schedule your personal consultation today at The Refinery!

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