This dermal filler works on the face and hands to replace lost volume and smooth lines and wrinkles.

What is Radiesse®?

Some dermal fillers can add immediate volume, and some stimulate collagen for long-lasting results. Radiesse® can do both. It uses a material that integrates into your skin for volume and wrinkle reduction. It then triggers new collagen development for results that outlast other fillers.

How Does Radiesse® Work?

Radiesse® uses calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), a material found in your bones and teeth. The material comes in a gel matrix that allows it to integrate with the skin. This boosts volume and reduces lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, jaw, and chin. Unlike most other fillers, Radiesse® can also be used to restore lost volume on the backs of the hands, creating a more youthful appearance.

The gel matrix also builds a structural support system for new collagen and elastin growth. This new framework gives the skin strength and lift. The body will break down and remove the filler, but the collagen will remain, keeping your volume and smoothness.

What are the Benefits of Radiesse®?

Our team of injection experts will help you decide which dermal filler meets your needs and lifestyle. You have several reasons to consider Radiesse® along with the other types of dermal fillers available:

  • Longer-lasting results: up to a year or even more
  • Made from materials that occur naturally in the body
  • Works on the face and hands
  • Superior results in the lower face area
  • Uses your body’s collagen and elastin to rebuild skin

Results with Radiesse® look naturally smooth and youthful. Your skin looks healthier and more vibrant as it regains its lost support system. The collagen and elastin outlast the original filler and take over its job of maintaining your volume and definition. 


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Is There Any Downtime With Radiesse®?

The most common post-treatment effects on the face and hands include redness, soreness, and minor bruising. Serious side effects or reactions are extremely rare. You can return to your usual activities right after treatment, which will only take about fifteen minutes. Even people with very little availability can squeeze in time for Radiesse® injections. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Radiesse®?

If you have lines, wrinkles, or volume loss on your lower face, you may be a good candidate for Radiesse®. People who have lost volume on the backs of their hands may also make good candidates. You should not have Radiesse® if you have had a reaction to a similar treatment. Tell your injection specialist if you have had a reaction to lidocaine, an injected numbing agent. 



*Individual results may vary

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*Individual results may vary