Ready to Show Off Your Beach Bod? West Melbourne, FL

Let this be the summer you proudly show off your beach bod, rather than coming up with new ways to hide your nagging trouble spots. Here are three of our favorite beach-prepping treatments to help you have fun in the sun. (Remember, always wear sun protection with an SPF of 30 or greater that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.)

Body Contouring

If your muffin top, love handles, saddle bags or double chin keep you under cover when the warmer weather hits, it’s time to take action. Trouble spots that refuse to budge need non-invasive fat reduction with CoolSculpting® in the Melbourne area.

FDA-cleared CoolSculpting is the world’s favorite way to reduce fat on almost any area of the body. CoolSculpting works by freezing and disabling targeted fat cells, which are then naturally flushed from the body, gradually revealing the curves you want and eliminating the ones you don’t. At The Refinery, we also offer DualSculpting, so you can have two areas of the body treated at once, reducing your treatment time and getting you on the beach faster! Enjoy 20% off CoolSculpting this month!

Laser Hair Removal No one wants to fuss with relentless shaving, waxing or plucking during the summer. There are more fun things to do when the sun comes out! That’s why laser hair removal is the perfect beach prep treatment. By disabling targeted hair follicles with non-invasive laser energy, laser hair removal can eliminate hair anywhere on the body for the long term. There’s no downtime and only minimal side effects with this treatment that’s safe for all skin types. This month, get 20% off Laser Hair Removal!

Skin Tightening

Crepey skin can make you look older than you feel and discourage you from wanting to wear anything other than a muumuu on the beach. (Not that we don’t love a muumuu now and then!) Using non-invasive radiofrequency energy, we can tighten lax skin anywhere on the body. This treatment promotes collagen and elastin growth, helping your skin to smooth wrinkles over the course of weeks and months. This is a no-downtime, no-side effects treatment that will boost your beach bod confidence in no time!

At The Refinery, we want you to have fun in the sun (with sunscreen of course!) and feel confident on the beach, so we offer a range of treatments to help you achieve a bod you want to show off! The Refinery is thrilled to serve clients from all over, including West Melbourne, Melbourne, Palm Bay and Indialantic. Please call 321.339.1001 or requesting a consultation today! online.



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