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You’ve got all the latest skin care products, yet you still aren’t getting the results you want with your skin. If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. 71 percent of us are dissatisfied with the results we’re getting from the skin care products we use, according to Global Cosmetic Industry magazine.

Navigating the skin care market is no easy feat, with so much to choose from! At The Refinery, skin care is our passion, and helping our clients choose the products that are right for their specific skin care needs and goals is what we do every day. Here are some of our guiding principles.

Health comes first!

May is Skin cancer awareness month! Did you know that skin cancer is the most cancer in the U.S., and that the sun’s UV rays are responsible for most cases of skin cancer? You can protect yourself by applying an SPF of 30 or higher every day of the year, rain or shine. We offer an amazing sunscreen by SkinMedica®, which not only protects the skin, but is also packed full of antioxidants to help reverse sun damage and enhance the look of your skin. For the month of May, all sunblock is 25% off!

Keep in mind that your skin is an extension of your general health. So, another great way to take care of your skin is to make sure you are following some general healthy living advice. In addition to using sunscreen every day, you can maintain your skin’s optimal health and beauty by not smoking, avoiding tanning beds, eating a healthy diet, staying active, and getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Got all that?

Medical-grade products

We proudly offer only medical-grade skin care products because they contain higher levels of the active ingredients your skin needs to stay healthy, including antioxidants, retinols, and peptides. This allows them to penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers, affecting your skin’s biological structure. As a result, they produce better, more noticeable results.

For example, topical vitamin C and retinoids are two of the best anti-aging ingredients you can buy. At The Refinery, we recommend medical-grade skin care lines which contain these two active ingredients, and we’d be delighted to help you decide which one is right for your skin type, tone and concerns.

Professional advice

Medical-grade skin care products can only be purchased from a health professional, so you’ll get advice that’s specific to your needs and precise instructions on how best to use each product. At The Refinery, our years of experience have given us an in-depth knowledge of many product lines, and we only recommend the ones that we know will deliver results.

We can also offer you advice on treatments that will help enhance the benefits of your skin care products, such as microneedling, facials and laser therapies. With the guiding hand of our professional team, you can be sure you’re getting the advice you need to achieve your skin care goals.

Better value for money

It may be tempting and easy to pop into your local drug store and buy whatever’s on sale, but it’s a false economy. Medical-grade skin care products are better value for money because they have higher levels of important active ingredients. And because they penetrate deeper, you don’t have to use as much. Think of it as your skin investment. By taking care of it now, you’ll have fewer problems to worry about in the future.

At The Refinery, we work with you to provide education, encouragement, and the most effective and latest therapies and techniques to help you achieve healthy, refined, and radiant skin. We can’t wait to talk to you. Our clients come from all over the area, including West Melbourne, Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Indialantic. Please call 321.339.1001 or requesting a consultation today! online.



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