The Refinery Medspa and Wellness facial laser hair removalWhile caring for your skin is an essential daily routine, it’s crucial after receiving laser hair removal treatments. Not only will it help you to get the results you want quicker, but it also helps alleviate any irritation and other side effects. First and foremost, don’t be afraid to wash your face like usual. Keep your routine going but opt for gentle and mild face washes. Also, don’t exfoliate and only pat your face dry.

Tips for Facial Laser Hair Removal: After Care

First 24 Hours

Within the first 24 hours, your skin will be the most sensitive. Although many cosmetics now boast about being gentle on your skin, even the most sensitive skincare products can contain additives that will irritate after treatment, so we recommend you wait a day to continue your makeup routine.

First Week

You may feel like you have a slight sunburn. It can feel itchy but hesitate from scratching or rubbing as it will only cause more irritation. Also, avoid other hair removal remedies such as shaving, tweezing, or waxing until the area is fully healed. Again, with your skin being so vulnerable, it’s a good idea to stay out of the sun. Sun exposure will only dry out and irritate the skin even more, so apply sufficient SPF sunscreen for protection if you find yourself in the sun.

You might see some stubble in the treatment area within the first week. This stubble is normal. It’s just your follicles shedding the remaining hairs. While it’s not a good idea to exfoliate within the first week, feel free to resume your usual exfoliation routines once your skin feels normal again.

First Month

Moisturize! Laser treatments temporarily dry out your skin, so moisturize and rehydrate your skin. Replacing lost moisture also helps soothe any irritation. Be sure to use a gentle lotion and avoid retinol or acidic products to reduce the risk of further irritation.

Lastly, but certainly not least, avoid tanning beds. Like those pesky UV rays from the sun, tanning beds can also damage your skin. Also, hold off on facials and peels for a few weeks after treatment.

Laser hair removal will give you more confidence and can help save tons of time lost to shaving or waxing. Ask your provider for specific instructions after your treatment to receive the best results.

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