Why You Need Cryotherapy ASAP West Melbourne, FL

It happens to the best of us. Every once in a while, we hit a plateau, so to speak. For some, it means a lack of progress in a fitness regimen, for others, when the number on the scale refuses to budge. Have you plateaued in some way? Then it’s time to try something new!

Have you ever considered cryotherapy?

 This state-of-the-art wellness treatment exposes the body to precisely timed, brief periods of freezing temperatures to spur healing and revitalization throughout the body. Cryo has been used for years among athletes to speed healing and reduce inflammation after injury. Nowadays, we know that cryotherapy is capable of providing a much wider range of benefits, including:

Weight loss

 Cryo cools your body down, which means your body has to work harder to heat it back up again after your treatment. It takes energy to heat your body, and that energy translates into calories burned. It is estimated that you could burn 500 to 800 calories after a 3-minute cryo session. Not bad for 3 minutes of feeling chilly, right?


 The freezing temp also helps to release endorphins, the feel-good chemical, and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, resulting in a much-needed mood boost.

Pain relief

 Released endorphins can also help to curb pain by interfering with pain receptors in your body.

Gorgeous skin

 Cryotherapy is a proven complexion booster. A series of cryo sessions can help to boost blood flow and leave you with an intensely refreshed glow.

Reduced inflammation

 You know how you always need to ice an injury to curb swelling? Well, the same principle holds true for cryotherapy. Exposing your body to a brief period of freezing air can help to reduce inflammation throughout your body, helping to speed healing and trigger rejuvenation.

We can’t wait for you to feel the exhilarating power of cryotherapy for yourself! It’s the motivation booster and energy kick you’ve been waiting for! Call 321.339.1001 or Request A Complimentary Consultation today!

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