A hormonal imbalance can negatively impact your physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health, often resulting in symptoms affecting the quality of your daily life. This deficiency can affect men and women of different life stages for unique reasons. At The Refinery Medspa & Wellness locations in Indian Harbour Beach and West Melbourne, FL, we offer safe and effective hormone therapy treatment plans using bioidentical hormones to balance the body and alleviate these symptoms.

What Issues Can You Treat With Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy can address the most common symptoms of a hormonal deficiency in men and women, from the most minor to the most severe and everything in between. These symptoms can negatively affect mood, sleep, appearance, health, sexual function, and quality of life.

For some, symptoms are minor but can also range from moderate to more severe in how they affect daily life. Our treatment plans can address each symptom, resolve it, and then improve overall health and wellness.

Physical Issues

Hormonal imbalances can significantly affect physical health. They can increase the risk of age-related diseases, including cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, and more. They can also decrease bone density, which increases the risk of fractures or breaks. Hormone deficiencies are often the cause of malaise, low energy levels, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal distress, migraines, frequent headaches, brain fog, the inability to put on lean muscle mass, and trouble losing weight.

After beginning a customized treatment plan, you can expect noticeable improvements in your physical health. This treatment plan is an investment in your future health because it reduces your risk of age-related diseases and can also help you lose healthy weight, put on lean muscle mass, and experience the benefits of increased energy levels. You’ll also notice improvements in mental clarity and memory after undergoing treatment.

Mood Related Issues

Hormonal imbalances also affect emotional health and can cause you to feel like you’re constantly on an emotional roller coaster. They can contribute to feelings of anger, irritability, depression, anxiety, and mood swings. The right treatment plan will balance your mood so that you feel emotionally balanced while also helping treat any symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Sexual Issues

A hormonal imbalance can contribute to the different types of sexual dysfunction that affect men and women. For women, common symptoms include pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, low libido, and menstrual cycle irregularities. For men, common symptoms that affect sexual health include erectile dysfunction, trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, decreased sex drive, and reduced sexual stamina.

Balancing hormones can successfully treat these symptoms, helping men and women achieve a balanced and healthy sex life, increased libido, and improved sexual health and wellness.

Sleep Issues

Many men and women with a hormone deficiency also experience poor quality sleep. Hormone deficiencies can contribute to insomnia, the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, or wakefulness throughout the night.

Hormone imbalances in women often cause night sweats and hot flashes, impairing sleep. Balancing your hormones will improve your quality of sleep, which will balance your mood and improve your health.

Appearance Issues

Hormone deficiencies can also affect your appearance. Not only can they prevent you from losing weight, but they can also cause bloating, hair loss, poor-quality skin, and accelerated aging. A customized treatment plan can revitalize your appearance by helping you lose weight, improving your hair and skin, and restoring your youthful glow.

What Is Biote® Hormone Optimization?

At The Refinery Medspa & Wellness offices, we offer hormone therapy treatment plans with Biote® pellets to help men and women achieve balanced hormones. Once administered to the body, these hormones contribute to a state of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual equilibrium and alleviate the common symptoms associated with an imbalance.

Each pellet is dosed and customized to the patient’s needs and physiology to ensure the best treatment results with completely balanced formulas. Biote® pellets contain bioidentical hormones and are chemically identical to the hormones that the body produces naturally. They’re safe and effective and provide men and women with a low-maintenance method to treat their deficiencies and achieve lasting hormonal stability.

How Does It Work?

The first step in the treatment process is extensive lab testing. A complete hormone blood panel will confirm your deficiency and give us more details about which hormones require supplementation. Biote® hormone pellets are smaller than a grain of rice yet contain everything your body needs for hormonal balance. We implant the pellets into the subcutaneous tissue just below the skin’s surface during the treatment process.

Each pellet contains an individualized blend of bioidentical hormones that ensure a continuous and controlled hormonal release over time to balance the body’s levels. The pellet will dissolve within a few months of initial treatment, and patients will undergo a follow-up treatment to receive an additional pellet to ensure long-lasting results.

What Should I Expect From a Treatment

When you arrive at one of our offices for your treatment, we will cleanse the skin, typically on the area of the upper buttocks, and numb it to ensure your comfort. Then, we’ll create a very small incision, insert the pellet, and cover the area with a bandage. The process is quick, minimally invasive, and comfortable. Once your treatment is over, you can resume most of your normal daily activities.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The total number of follow-up treatments you’ll need within 12 months is dependent upon your physiology, your hormone dosage, and how quickly your body uses the hormones in your customized pellet. We can give you more details about what you can expect from the treatment process and how many treatments you’ll likely need at your consultation. Most patients only need a few treatments each year to maintain balanced hormone levels.

When Can I Expect Changes in My Symptoms?

After undergoing treatment, some patients noticed an improvement in symptoms in as little as four weeks. However, it can take up to six months to experience the full treatment benefits as a body adjusts.

Is There Downtime?

You won’t have to plan around significant downtime after your treatment, but you will need to avoid strenuous lower body exercises for the first several days until the bandage is removed. You will also need to temporarily discontinue using hot tubs, saunas, and pools and avoid hot baths until the area heals and the bandage is removed.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re experiencing any common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, your body may be sending you a message that something is off. Biote® hormone optimization is the perfect solution for those looking for a safe and natural treatment option that can deliver long-lasting results.

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation at our West Melbourne or Indian Harbour Beach location, so you can get more details about this treatment process and confirm your treatment eligibility.

Schedule Your Consultation at Our Indian Harbour Beach or West Melbourne Location

Living with imbalanced hormones is neither normal nor necessary because there is a safe and effective solution that can help you experience hormonal stability, regardless of your life stage and the symptoms. If you’re in the Indian Harbour Beach or West Melbourne area contact The Refinery Medspa & Wellness and Skin & Body by The Refinery by using our simple online form. Alternatively, you can also call us at 321-341-3321 to reach us in West Melbourne, FL, or call us at 321-428-3004 to reach us in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for our latest deals and specials & events!