Perfect Your Pucker This Valentine’s Day in Melbourne Beach, FL

Roses and chocolates are Valentine’s Day staples, but if you’re interested in longer lasting pleasures, it’s time to schedule a dermal fillerdermal fillers link session with one of our expert injectors. Dermal fillers provide months of fuller, more supple lips and smoother, younger-looking skin. Here are a few key tips for achieving optimal results from your injectable session.

Be specific about your goals and expectations.

 As trained injectors, we will tailor your treatment to your unique contours to bring out your best. However, we still need your help to meet your goals! Don’t be afraid to speak your truth during your consultation, sharing aspects that may be holding you back from feeling your most confident. Sharing your concerns helps us get to you know you so we can customize your treatment to your exact needs. It will also help YOU to feel more comfortable and confident throughout your treatment and afterwards, which is truly priceless.

Schedule your session well before you need results.

 While it’s true that Botox® and dermal fillers involve minimal to no downtime, every person responds differently to treatment. Any injection, however skillfully administered, carries the risk of swelling and bruising. This is why we advise our patients to schedule their injectables session at least a full week before any event they are attending. Besides waiting for side effects to subside, downtime also allows Botox or dermal fillers to take effect and fully settle into your contours.

Take a hands-off approach.

 Especially concerning lip enhancement, dermal fillers may cause temporary swelling, which typically peaks about 12 to 24 hours following your treatment. Many patients are disturbed by any swelling and mistake it for a sign that they received too much filler. These patients may inadvertently try to massage their treatment areas, hoping to work some of the filler out of their system. Unfortunately, massaging or rubbing your filler will only break it up into smaller particles, making it worse. Rubbing your filler may also move it to undesirable areas. Your best bet is to gently apply cool compresses to any swelling and lay low for a for a day or two. And, of course, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us.

We can’t wait to help you achieve age-defying benefits with an injectable session with us! Please call 321.339.1001 or requesting a consultation today! today.



*Individual results may vary

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