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We’re not sure why it took the world so long to figure out that medical spas are for men just as much as women, but we’re thrilled to report that men finally got the memo! Guys want to look and feel their best, too, and we’ve got the tools and advanced treatments to get the job done.

Male facial hair has taken the world by storm, judging from all the beards and goatees we see. But facial hair takes a lot more work than you think. Beards need professional TLC from time to time to prevent skin irritation, beard bumps, and other pesky skin concerns from taking over. Our beardacials exfoliate dead, flaky skin, creating the perfect canvas for optimal absorption of our medical-grade serums and salves, which replenish hydration and soothe aggravated skin follicles to reveal more even skin tone, smoother texture, and more. Beardacials are great for both correcting and preventing skin problems, making it a seasonal must in your grooming arsenal.

A rapidly growing number of men are discovering exactly why Botox® is the world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment year after year. Both men and women love FDA-approved injectable Botox because it’s totally invisible, so no one can tell you’ve had it done. Yet the rewards are undeniable—smoother, younger-looking skin for up to 4 months per treatment.

Don’t let flab hold you back from your next adventure. Get the extra help you need with CoolSculpting®, the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment. CoolSculpting can help you get closer to achieving your body contouring goals than you ever thought possible.

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