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According to the American Cancer Society, cases of skin cancer in the U.S. outnumber all other types of cancer combined each year.

Practicing preventative care with daily SPF application will not only reduce your chances of getting skin cancer, but it will also minimize sun damage, protecting your skin’s radiance and health.

Unfortunately, too many of us neglect sunscreen, or think it’s only a summertime necessity. Perhaps you’re unaware of the damage the sun can do, or maybe you dislike the feel of SPF on your skin. The good news is that there’s a wide array of sunscreens to fit every type of skin, from light powder formulations to anti-aging creams. We can help you discover the best SPF for your skin during your personal skin care consultation.

In the meantime, here are 3 sunscreen tips to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful complexion and maintain it for the long term:

1. Use an SPF of 30 or higher with both UVA and UVB protection. Anything less than 30 won’t provide enough protection from the sun’s damaging rays. UVA rays contribute to premature aging and wrinkling of the skin, while UVB rays can play a role in the development of skin cancer. It’s vital to protect against both.

2. Reapply your sunscreen after swimming, sweating, or every 2 hours. If you’re doing it right, a tube or bottle of sunscreen should only last a week or two and not the whole season. And be sure to spread sunscreen everywhere. Most of us forget to cover areas like the hairline and ears.

3. Wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine. The sun’s rays are working even when you can’t see them. Since no sunscreen provides 100 percent UV protection—no matter how high the SPF—wear protective clothing like a hat or stay in the shade to ensure you are adequately protected.

If you have experienced sun damage, we offer a range of treatment options to help repair and rejuvenate your skin, such as photofacials or laser skin treatments. During your personal skin care consultation, we will evaluate your skin care routine and recommend optimal treatment solutions and products to help you achieve your healthiest, most vibrant skin.



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