How to Get the Natural, “Clean Beauty” Look West Melbourne, FL

In case you missed the memo, the beauty industry is experiencing a major shift toward “natural beauty,” as savvy consumers (that’s you!) are demanding more results from their skin care products and treatments and greater accountability from skin care providers. Natural beauty as a trend encompasses environmental concerns (sustainable ingredients and packaging, for example), but also embraces a certain aesthetic — the look of fresh, lit-from-within skin that doesn’t need layers of makeup.

If you’re interested in the “clean beauty” look, you’ve come to the right place! That natural glow you’re after is the result of skin renewal, which requires advanced skin-revitalizing treatments and skin care products. Because we’re obsessed with results, The Refinery has acquired leading skin treatments that stimulate your skin from deep within and provide long-lasting renewing benefits.

Fall is the perfect time to start your skin-renewing regimen! Here’s a look at just a few of our proven glow-getters:

Photofacial and Laser Facial

 The trick to achieving more evenly-toned skin is a series of photofacials. This non-invasive treatment stimulates skin with intense pulses of light, prompting pigmentation defects like sun spots and freckles to rise to the surface of skin and slough off in the days after treatment. Other concerns like redness, rosacea, and small veins can also be diminished. Best of all, the photofacial doesn’t break the skin, so there’s little to no downtime. The Laser Facial is also a non-invasive treatment that stimulates skin with laser energy to reveal overall improvements to the tone and texture of your skin. We’ll help you devise the ideal skin care regimen that suits you during your personal consultation.

Chemical Peel

Suitable for almost every skin type and tone, chemical peels use gentle fruit acids to remove the outermost layer of skin, clearing away dead, dull skin cells and other impurities, and making room for the growth of intensely refreshed, vibrant new skin. If you’re looking for smoother, brighter, more evenly-toned skin, a chemical peel is a sure thing!


 This tried-and-true skin revitalizing staple damages your skin to trigger its natural healing response and grow healthy, new skin with dramatic improvements in tone and texture. We combine microneedling with results-driven skin care products to boost skin renewal and target specific skin concerns like acne or aging.

Corrective Facials

 Tailored to your skin’s exact needs, our Corrective Facials will leave you looking and feeling intensely refreshed and radiant. Depending on your concerns and goals, our Corrective Facials can combine any of your skin treatments, from microneedling to laser facials, to bring out your best skin.

It’s time to get glowing, don’t you think? Bring out your best skin, and streamline your skin care routine in the process, by calling us for a skin care consultation today at 321.339.1001 or Request A Complimentary Consultation today!



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