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Smile Line Treatment

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How to Get Rid of Smile Lines

Smile lines are the lines that appear around the mouth and especially in the corners. One of the most effective methods gives you non-invasive options for treating smile lines with almost no downtime. We can customize your dermal filler products to give you the best possible results.

Smile Line Treatment

*individual results may vary.

What Are Smile Lines?

Smile lines are expression lines that form at the corners of your mouth after years of smiling and other facial expressions. Over time, the underlying muscles pulling on the skin can cause it to crease and wrinkle

While products like Botox® treat lines around the eyes and forehead, the area around the mouth needs to maintain its flexibility, and the muscles must continue to work normally. Dermal fillers allow us to choose from a variety of products, including those developed specifically for the mouth and lip area. 

How Are Smile Lines Treated?

The most effective nonsurgical treatment for lines around the mouth, dermal fillers give you a natural, younger appearance. The corners of your mouth will look soft and full, and people will notice your smile for its radiance instead of its lines. 

Your provider will select a dermal filler for you and inject it into the areas where smile lines appear. The hyaluronic acid in these dermal fillers also exists in young, healthy skin, and as a result, can attract more moisture and plumping hyaluronic acid into the area. 

We use two different brands of dermal filler for our smile line treatments, depending on each person’s needs: Juvederm® and Restylane®. Both hyaluronic acid fillers offer formulas specifically designed for use on smile lines and other delicate areas around the mouth where support and flexibility are required. 

Most dermal filler treatments in the smile line area last about six months to a year. Every person’s body responds differently to the filler and breaks down the hyaluronic acid at a different pace. 



*Individual results may vary

What Results Can I Expect from Dermal Fillers?

You can expect to see the smile lines on your face reduced immediately after treatment. These results will continue to improve for several weeks as your body responds to the hyaluronic acid in the dermal filler. 

Some people may experience slight swelling or soreness in the area, but this will resolve quickly. No downtime is required and you can return to your regular routine after treatment. Your radiant smile with fewer lines and wrinkles will look natural and the only thing people will notice is how much younger you look. 

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*Individual results may vary

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