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How Safe Is Botox®?

It’s no secret that Botox® is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for people in the United States. Each year, millions of Americans get administered Botox® injections to correct various facial cosmetic concerns.

From a non-cosmetic perspective, Botox® is also helpful for treating a range of medical conditions. If you’re wondering whether Botox® is safe and what it contains, here’s what you need to know.

A woman before and after Botox injections in Melbourne, FL

*individual results may vary.

What Is Botox® Made Of?

Botox® is the name for Botulinum Toxin, a substance derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Botox® works by blocking nerve communications from the muscles that cause wrinkles to the brain. Relaxing the muscles that are responsible for repetitive facial movements will lead to reduced fine lines and wrinkles. 

Some people may be apprehensive about having a toxin injected into their bodies. However, Botox® has been FDA-approved and in use for several decades, both to address cosmetic concerns and by doctors to treat specific health problems.

At Refinery Med Spa in West Melbourne, FL, our expert team of estheticians administers Botox® treatments to clients who wish to address various facial cosmetic concerns, such as wrinkles and forehead lines.

Is Botox® Safe?

Is Botox® a safe treatment to have? Yes, it is safe. Botox® is an FDA-approved injectable, and in small precise doses, it won’t harm your body and it can actually have many positive effects.

Each year, millions of Botox® injections get administered in the United States alone, and it’s also a popular cosmetic treatment worldwide. The common side effects you are likely to encounter are temporary pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site, but these typically fade within 24-48 hours.

Our estheticians are experts at administering cosmetic treatments, and you can rely on Refinery Med Spa to ensure the safe application of Botox® to the treatment areas on your face.



*Individual results may vary

Benefits of Botox®

Botox® is a cost-effective way of improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and forehead lines on the face. It differs from dermal fillers in that it doesn’t add volume or plump up the treatment areas.

Instead, Botox® relaxes the muscles and blocks nerve signals in treatment areas that cause wrinkles, fine lines, and forehead lines to be so prominent. You will typically see the full results of Botox® up to 48 hours after your treatment.

The results of Botox® treatments usually last around three months, after which time you should have maintenance Botox® injections to continue enjoying the results.

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*Individual results may vary

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