How Often Can You Get Dermaplaning Treatments? - The Refinery Medspa & Wellness How Often Can You Get Dermaplaning Treatments? - The Refinery Medspa & Wellness
Dermaplaning Melbourne

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How Often Can You Get Dermaplaning Treatments?

It’s no secret many cosmetic treatments allow you to enjoy clearer, more radiant facial skin. Some are minimally invasive, while others require surgery and lengthy recovery time.

However, one cosmetic therapy isn’t invasive, is quick to perform, and provides immediate results without any downtime. Dermaplaning has quickly become a popular procedure.

Dermaplaning Melbourne

*individual results may vary.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure where the top layer of skin (the dermis) gets gently scraped away using a unique scalpel tool. It aims to remove fine lines, deep scarring caused by acne or surgery and makes the skin look smooth.

It’s a common cosmetic treatment that can also address dry or dull-looking skin. Dermaplaning is also known as microplaning and blading.

The procedure is painless and gently exfoliates the skin. Some people might experience some temporary redness on their faces. But, other than that, the risk of experiencing side effects is low.

Recommended Dermaplaning Schedule

While dermaplaning offers instant results, they aren’t long-term ones, and so clients should have regular dermaplaning sessions to ensure consistent results. The benefits of each dermaplaning treatment last between three to four weeks.

With that in mind, it makes sense to schedule repeat dermaplaning treatment sessions at least once every month to keep your facial skin looking healthy and radiant.

Some people might further benefit from a chemical peel to enhance the results of their dermaplaning treatments. Our experienced and friendly team at The Refinery Medspa & Wellness will advise you on the best combination of treatments for your individual needs.



*Individual results may vary

Benefits Of Regular Dermaplaning

Regular dermaplaning offers many benefits to people of all ages and skin types. For instance, dermaplaning is a safe way to exfoliate your facial skin and doesn’t involve surgery or any invasive treatments.

Another advantage of dermaplaning is how it enables the easy application of makeup. That’s because the facial skin becomes smooth and doesn’t have uneven pockmarks, acne, dead skin cells, or “peach fuzz” (soft, fine hair).

Dermaplaning also helps to diminish any impurities on the skin caused by environmental factors, such as pollution. It’s an effective way to exfoliate facial skin and keep it looking youthful and radiant.

Finally, dermaplaning is a quick cosmetic procedure. It takes around 20 minutes to perform on most clients, and it’s a painless treatment that feels similar to lightly scratching the face with a fingernail.

There’s also no downtime with dermaplaning; which makes it an ideal procedure to get carried out during your lunch break for example.

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*Individual results may vary

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