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How Much Does Dermaplaning Cost?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment that takes away the top layers of skin. It’s a procedure that has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s one offered by The Refinery Medspa & Wellness in our West Melbourne, FL practice.

Many people new to dermaplaning ask how much the treatment costs. The following tells you more about this form of facial rejuvenation and the things that can influence the price you pay:

Dermaplaning West Melbourne

*individual results may vary.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a safe cosmetic procedure where an exfoliating blade gets used to remove dead facial skin cells and hair. Dermaplaning aims to make your facial skin feel smooth and radiant.

It’s a cosmetic treatment that can get used for all skin types and is particularly beneficial to people with acne scars, fine wrinkles, and dull, dry, or sun-damaged skin. Our licensed estheticians offer dermaplaning as part of our range of skin rejuvenation treatments.

Average Dermaplaning Price

The average industry standard price for a dermaplaning treatment session ranges from $100 to $150. That’s because many factors affect the overall price paid for the treatment (more on that in a moment).

Dermaplaning is a professional cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment that offers patients a brighter and clearer complexion. It’s also ideal for people who use facial products as it offers a higher absorption rate than untreated facial skin.

Factors That Can Influence Prices

You already know the average price for a dermaplaning treatment session ranges from $100 to $150. But what factors can influence the price you’re likely to pay? Believe it or not, your location is one such factor; dermaplaning clients can sometimes pay more in certain areas.

Your treatment provider may also offer special promotions, meaning you could pay lower fees than usual if you pre-book multiple sessions. That’s because dermaplaning results last around three weeks before the skin becomes dull-looking due to environmental exposure.

Another factor that can influence the price you pay will also relate to whether you take advantage of combination treatments. For example, some clients may opt for dermaplaning and a chemical peel to treat mild to moderate facial skin damage.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

One of the great benefits of dermaplaning is that it’s an entirely non-invasive cosmetic procedure. There are no injections, anesthesia, chemicals, or surgery involved with dermaplaning as the dead skin cells simply get scraped away with a special blade.

Each treatment session takes around 20 minutes to carry out, and there’s absolutely no downtime involved. That means you can effectively have a dermaplaning treatment in your lunch break and return to work after your session.



*Individual results may vary

Am I a Candidate for Dermaplaning Treatments?

You could be a candidate for dermaplaning if your facial skin looks dull and lackluster due to adverse environmental effects of sun damage. Dermaplaning is also a facial rejuvenation treatment that is ideal for people with acne scars on their faces.

Dermaplaning is an excellent cosmetic treatment for all skin tones and types, and it’s also safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.

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*Individual results may vary

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