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How Many Units of Botox® Do I Need?

The facial expressions that let us communicate with others also cause lines and wrinkles on our faces. With age, these become deeper and more noticeable. You can erase these wrinkles with Botox®, an anti-aging injection to smooth and relax the skin

Botox Melbourne

*individual results may vary.

What is Botox®?

Botox® treats dynamic wrinkles, otherwise known as expression lines. These form where the facial muscles repeatedly tug on the skin, creating wrinkles and creases. Botox® works by stopping the activity of the targeted muscles. When the muscles stop contracting, the skin can relax and become smoother. 

How Does Botox® Work?

The anti-aging power of Botox® comes from the botulinum A toxin. Micro-doses of this toxin are not harmful and only temporarily affect muscles and nerves. When injected into the targeted facial muscles, Botox® blocks the communication between the nerve and the muscle it controls. The muscle becomes relaxed, letting the overlying skin smooth and soften. 



*Individual results may vary

How Many Units of Botox® Do I Need?

Many practitioners measure Botox® in units. The cost of a unit varies widely from place to place and between providers. These are the number of units required for each area of the face:

  • Forehead: 15-30 units, depending on the severity of wrinkles
  • “11” Lines (glabellar lines between the brows: up to 40 units
  • Crow’s feet: up to 10 units per side or 20 total

Men often need more units than women because they have thicker skin and heavier brows. Some people may respond well to fewer units, while others might need more. More units can also produce a more noticeable effect. Your injection specialist at The Refinery Medspa and Wellness will work with you to find the correct dose. 

What Results Will I See With Botox®?

In most cases, you will see a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles within a few days of treatment. Full results take 1 to 2 weeks to develop as the skin and muscles relax. Your results will last three to four months, and you can have Botox® as many times as you want to keep your results looking refreshed and youthful. 

Some younger people use Botox® to keep early lines and wrinkles from getting worse. Stopping muscle contractions gives your skin a break from the constant pulling and tugging, so when you have Botox®, your lines and wrinkles are not progressing. 

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*Individual results may vary

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