Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Energy Melbourne, FL

You have a lot more control than you think when it comes to maintaining your health. A balanced diet and regular exercise certainly go a long way toward maintaining a healthy weight. But when it comes to your metabolism, even the little things count.

Here’s a look at a few surprising ways to boost your metabolism from healthline, an online source for evidence-based health news.

Drink more cold water.

Your first step is replacing sugary drinks with water to reduce the number of calories you are consuming. Next, drink cold water because it temporarily speeds up your metabolism!

Your body expends more energy heating up cold water to your body temperature, burning more calories. Also, water can fill you up before you eat, helping you to consume fewer calories.

Stand up more.

 Too much sitting is bad for your health. In fact, some researchers have dubbed sitting as “the new smoking.” Try standing for short periods throughout the day. Standing helps you burn more calories and also reduces your risk for other health problems.

Get more sleep.

 There’s a strong link between lack of sleep and risk of obesity. Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on your body by slowing your metabolism and boosting your hunger hormone. Lack of sleep also raises your blood sugar levels and insulin resistance while decreasing your fullness hormone, causing you to overeat.

Drink coffee and green tea.

 Both beverages have been clinically shown to boost metabolism 3-11% while also promoting the burning of fat.

Eat more protein.

 In one study, people were likely to eat around 441 fewer calories a day when protein made up 30% of their diets. Protein has been shown to help you feel full and prevent overeating. It also reduces the drop in your metabolism by maintaining your muscle mass, which is a common side effect of dieting.

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