CoolSculpting Facts You Need to Know West Melbourne, FL

Recently named one of the best treatments in the world to “fight fat in a flash” by NewBeauty, the cosmetic industry’s esteemed quality purveyor, CoolSculpting® is here to stay. This non-surgical fat reduction treatment has taken the world by storm because it provides help in a previously helpless situation—slimming down stubborn, unbudgeable pockets of fat almost anywhere we need it, from the dreaded double chin to pesky muffin tops.

Despite its popularity, certain myths still circulate around this effective treatment. Here’s a look at 3 common misconceptions we’d like to dispel:

Myth #1: CoolSculpting is a weight loss treatment.

 CoolSculpting reduces targeted pockets of fat. In one session or “cycle,” this non-invasive treatment can disable up to 25 percent of fat cells. However, this subtle reduction in fat cells will not necessarily affect your overall weight, and it should not be considered a weight loss treatment or a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

Myth #2: It’s painful.

 CoolSculpting is a well-tolerated treatment that works by freezing your fat cells into submission. The CoolSculpting technology suctions your fat, securing it in place while cooling panels freeze your fat cells. You may feel some mild discomfort as your skin is cooling down, but your treatment area will soon become numb, leaving you free to relax and enjoy a little “you” time!

Myth #3: It doesn’t work.

 Some people claim that CoolSculpting doesn’t work because their friend had it and saw no discernible difference. The thing to remember about CoolSculpting—or any cosmetic treatment, for that matter—is that some people need more than one treatment to see results, and that the results may continue to improve months after your treatment. During your consultation, we can help you plan for your optimal course of treatment, including what to expect. Maintaining healthy habits is important to achieving results.



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