Achy & Tired? Try Cryotherapy! West Melbourne, FL

Are you tired of feeling tired? Maybe it’s time to mix up your routine a little. Sometimes, even the slightest change can reawaken and reinvigorate you — and we mean that literally! Have you ever considered adding cryotherapy to your routine? This wellness therapy exposes your body to brief periods of intense cold to provide a wide range of benefits. Cryotherapy may help speed healing, soothe sore muscles, improve sleep, boost energy, bolster your immune system, and more.

The Refinery proudly offers cryotherapy with the only CryoUSA Cryosense cryosauna available in Brevard county. This leading cryosauna technology combines heat with cooling energy in a variety of settings that are tailored to your body’s precise needs.

If you’re new to cryotherapy, we recommend starting out with our Beginner session, a shorter treatment involving 40 seconds of heat, up to 70 seconds of pre-cool, and 150 seconds of cryotherapy. The next step up is a Moderate cryo session lasting 3 minutes. Your body will experience 40 seconds of heat, up to 70 seconds of pre-cool, and 180 seconds of mild cryotherapy temperature.

Don’t worry about which setting is right for you. We’ll help you pick the perfect cryotherapy treatment for your needs during your personal consultation. Learn how cryotherapy can help to jumpstart your wellness routine by calling 321.339.1001 or Request A Complimentary Consultation today!



*Individual results may vary

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*Individual results may vary